Yes, we just went off the deep end! So many announcements- I hardly know where to begin! 

  1. This week we will be assembling our new Maker Corner! The boxes are rolling in… over 11,000 components for our AMAZING space. The kids have asked for ‘stuff to build’, well, hold on to your hats! We have build boards, dowels, large motors, small motors, vibrating button motors, pulleys, gears, cardboard, tools, battery packs, wire, wheels, twine, cordless glue guns, colored duct tape… Need I even say more?! This is the stuff dreams are made of!! Isn’t it time to build a radio controlled airplane or re-invigorate your love of Legos with a few motors?
  1. We now do a full range of sublimation printing and vinyl application! T-shirts, bags, hoodies and more. You bring the vision, we give you a hand with production, you add the bling. How about a personalized tee with an enhanced goofy pic and a great saying! Or, did you see our electroluminescent wire on backpacks and hoodies?! Our little designers are taking tech-wear to all new levels!
  1. Our Monday Movie sessions are returning with new Green Screen adventures and excursions in Stop Motion! Plus, our new series on electronic sound production, recording, editing and mastering will launch in November. 
  1. And…. Drum Roll, Please…. Christmas came early! We are launching our amazing adventures in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality!! YES! We want to launch over the long October weekend with three camps. After that, you can join us weekly to visit the Great Wall of China, the depths of the African bush, NASA guided tours of outer space and the incredible ocean world. We will have over 600 expeditions in professionally produced 360 degree recordings. Come swim along side a dolphin, or walk inside the pyramids of Egypt… Oh. It gets better. In addition to these amazing expeditions in stereo sound, how about learning to create your own augmented view of the real world. Think, about watching a bouncing blob or sneaky elf hop along on the kitchen counter, or having history jump off a timeline and allow you to reach through centuries as if in a time machine. One more thing… want to re-enact a Star Wars battle? I mean, you with a light saber that sounds and feels oh so real. This isn’t entertainment, it is interactive learning at it’s best! We will show you the world, outer space and allow you to act in your favorite movies. But, best of all, you will learn the tech behind the adventure. Advance with us and film your own 360 tours for memories that you can almost touch. The applications and adventures are endless… 

We love fun! We love to learn! Our classes are small. Don’t miss the adventure! Reserve your spot now! Or ask us about planning you an unforgettable birthday party!

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