Who are we?

We are a family of innovators and experts here to evidence how tech can secure your independence, increase your marketability and improve your business potential. Our primary interest is to guide you through what we love! We are mentors, consultants and problem-solvers who love to play with code and show those in our community their amazing potential! In addition to our guest speakers and special offerings, we are:

Brooke Luetgert, PhD. was raised in Geneva, IL. She has a PhD in Economics and has taught research methodology, machine learning, simulation and applied game theory to graduate students for over 20 years. She is a Senior Computational Scientist and Lecturer of AI Applications at the University of Chicago. Through years of devoted curriculum development, Brooke trained hundreds of students in the power of using code to collect, analyze and visualize data.  She has adapted her teaching methodology to train her children in Python coding. Brooke believes that students of all ages learn through doing, rather than watching. Accordingly, her class materials reinforce problem-solving in application.

Mehmet Cakmak, MA  is a philosopher and Python expert from Istanbul, Turkey. He has taught logic as well as philosophy of mind and language at Sabancı University. CodeCraze is an opportunity for him to share his love of teaching and coding with our community. As a former physics student turned thinker and tinkerer, creating games in Python and working with our VEX IQ competition team is a dream! He is eager to push our youth to think creatively and problem-solve independently.