We are committed to teaching the whole child using a variety of learning platforms and custom designed tools to address differing learning styles. In contrast to working through a how-to book, or boxed, online curriculum promoting ‘kid friendly’ programming, we aspire to work intensively in small cooperative groups to learn game coding in the open source, market leading languages of Scratch and Python. Rather than simulating exercises that children click through or abstract assignments of computational thinking, CodeCrazers learn the key elements of game design, construct their own leveled challenge and learn to code while collaborating with friends to solve their own defined goals and design questions. Brooke and Mehmet are present in a mentoring fashion to guide, direct and push our CodeCrazers to dive deeper. This is not an illustrative course where kids are shown something behind the scenes, they will be guided to culture a vision, create their own challenges and share their designs with friends. Everything they create is accessible from home, further developed in their free time and shared with family and friends. We take the mystery out of game programming, give your children an invaluable skill, and build their confidence that coding is for everyone.

Our program aims to take ‘education’ from teaching to learning. We would like our community to ask what our children should be able to DO with what they learn. Rather than asking what should be taught to them. Coding provides this precious vehicle of change in the educational model; moving our children to create content rather than simply consume it. We are empowering our children to dig deeper with technology, rather than fear it. Coding provides the ultimate lesson in perseverance, problem solving and creative expression. More importantly, it provides a way of seeing math and algorithmic thinking in action, they learn to work in reverse, break down processes into discernible steps and give shape to their thoughts.

We are here to foster future-ready skills as we work together on critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity. We offer tailored continuity of instruction and individual development. We are eager to assist our educators and allow our community to be early adopters of elementary coding. We would like to see our children be tech innovators. CodeCrazers are here to Dream it. Build it. Share it.