What is CodeCraze? 

CodeCraze, LLC was launched in 2018 to provide computer coding and robotics instruction to those in our community. We are family run and operate from our central location at 1001 East Wilson St. in Batavia, IL. Our core principle is “Dream it. Build it. Share it.” We believe that access to industry trained experts and a uniquely structured curriculum is essential to the continued growth and development of our children. We established CodeCraze to create a shared environment of cutting-edge tech support and instruction. This is our community springboard into the ever-changing and evolving world of computer coding, robotic construction and competition.

Why Code?

Technology is the future. Within the next ten years, we will experience the most dramatic change in the international job force since the Industrial Revolution. Look at Detroit, robots build our cars. Once a booming industry and cornerstone of the American economy, we now observe massive layoffs and communities shriveling in poverty and abandonment. Very soon, we will need less than half as many teachers, police, firemen, construction workers, let alone manual laborers in warehouses, cashiers in stores or truck drivers. Robots are simply better at doing repetitive tasks with precision than are people. They don’t complain, need sleep, have personal days or even personalities. Soon, even the robot builder will be replaced by a robot!

What can we do, as parents, to secure the future livelihood of our children? How do we ensure that they will not be left behind? The easy answer is that our children must receive an education that embraces technology to the fullest. We are here to revise our shared perspective on tech. We would like our children to actively engage in tech. We want them to build, design and innovate. We seek to have them create and collaboratively problem solve. Giving them the power to create is equivalent to handing them a magic wand to reach innovation in any area that they desire. At CodeCraze, children don’t just play Minecraft, they build mock Minecraft worlds, re-skin mods and create their own unique, personalized games. They are going to play computer games, but we let play be active learning- an endless challenge with amazing built-in rewards. CodeCrazers don’t play to win points. They build to see the game of their dreams in action and proudly show off what they have designed. They problem-solve, then they play. After that, they go back to the code, adapt, add, improve and repeat.

Our CodeCrazers make robots of their own design that roll through mazes, dance, retrieve and recite. They create websites, animate games and interactive stories and create simple apps. They don’t look on the Internet for the next thing to buy or consume, they see the code of hundreds of thousands of programmers from around the world. They see ideas, innovation and solutions. Most importantly, they are confident in their own ability to create and excited to develop their knowledge. Nothing is out of their reach. They will never struggle to learn a new language or find an area of application for their skill. This is the power that we would like to share with your children as well.

How do we help Batavia?

We are vested in our community and our children, giving them the skills to succeed through innovative and affordable training. Our model is unique because it is designed to provide community advancement in a personal setting and organized, affordable training most specifically for our youth, but also for our seniors, homeschoolers, women and other frequently overlooked and underserved groups within the area. We seek to empower through the provision of knowledge and programming skill. CodeCraze wants to put Batavia back on the map as an innovator in community learning and historic leader of technological advancement. CodeCraze also offers a comfortable meeting area to convene, discuss and plan the continued educational ambitions within the community. It offers a display forum to local artisans and gives parents and families an inviting space to gather, play and problem-solve. Regular challenges, guest speakers, coding and robotics competitions as well as weekly classes encourage frequent convergence at CodeCraze for continued guidance and collaboration.

We offer a meeting place for homeschoolers and their families, children across all neighborhood schools and any special interest groups such as Scout troops or seniors from surrounding retirement centers. The opportunity for on-demand individual problem-solving or scheduled tutoring/instruction for specific web based/ coding projects offers our citizens a face-to-face contact to discuss tech related concerns and identify speedy, cost-effective solutions. Further, we serve as a resource for our educators looking for instruction materials and individual small group consultancy. We are a model of communal learning and personal instruction promising to complement current Park District and Library offerings with continuity and an investment in developing individual skill acquisition.

How can we contact CodeCraze, LLC?

Could it be any easier?! Give us a call at (630) 828-5566 for information on our course offerings, or stop by our office at 1001 E. Wilson St. Suite 140, Batavia, IL 60510. Email contact@codecraze.com