How It Works:

  1. Do you want a full week class or classes on individual days?
  • Coding, robotics, and video production must be taken as a full week class. Other classes (digital fabrication, maker corner and electronics) can be taken as single day classes, but must be combined with the successive class to make a 2 hr bundle. For example, any digital fabrication class must be taken together with the following maker corner or electronics class.
  1. Choose your topic.
  • For certain classes, we offer different topics. For example, in the first camp week from 6/5 to 6/9, a full week coding class can be taken as “Minecraft Coding”, “Roblox Coding” or “Code an Arcade Game in Scratch”.
  1. Go to —link— and fill out the contact form, indicating the camp class(es) and topics of your choice.
  1. We will get back to you immediately. We will sign up your child/children and send you an invoice that you can pay to conclude your registration.