SAT test prep at CodeCraze

Success on the SAT is a central to your university application. Nailing this test can secure you an academic scholarship or be that crowning glory that distinguishes you as an amazing candidate. Our goal at CodeCraze is to promote our community and enhance your presence through education in tech. We offer programming and robotics courses. However, we also love to push our own programming skills and use cutting-edge tech to educate! 

Our instructors are university lecturers, expert tutors, and innovative coders. They have collaborated to design an exciting and truly innovative SAT training course. 

What is the SAT?

The Scholastic Aptitude Test is a nationally administered standardized exam designed to assess your college readiness and general academic aptitude. It is primarily used as a required part of the college admissions process. The test contains the sections: Reading (65 min, 52 questions), Writing and Language (35 min, 44 questions), Math (80 min, 58 questions) and one optional essay for 50 min. Recent years have seen a dramatic change in the design of the SAT in an attempt to better align the test with the new Common Core Standards. While the vocabulary section has been eliminated, and the essay has been re-designed, the math section has been revised to cover less breadth and achieve more depth. The newer version of the SAT includes fewer math questions, but targets more interpretation and linkage of graphical plots and summaries.

How is our SAT prep different?

We advocate learning by doing. Rather than hours of tedious instruction and route learning, we work through thousands of practice questions and reveal patterns, best practices and strategies unique to your individual needs. What sets us apart is the sheer number of practice questions that we offer in our simulated test environment with prompt and detailed summary analyses. You will take regular exams and watch your progress as you advance through multiple rounds of examples. We will carefully analyze all subject sections of the SAT in your review and guarantee your course satisfaction. 

We offer over twenty complete tests with graded essay sections. Our courses run year-round to facilitate your test taking schedule. We are not bound by a centrally dictated curriculum. We will not waste your time with generalized tips and repetitive material. Instead, our detailed results reports will allow you to focus your review time on the topics that you need to work on most. Review books cannot systematically reveal your weaknesses and track your progress  over time. Therefore, you have no evidence to confirm the success of your review strategies. Our approach draws on the multitude of accessible review questions to create realistic and carefully gauged practice tests. The repetition of answering these questions will relieve test anxiety by showing you what to expect dozens of times before the actual exam. Our statistical models reveal your predicted test performance and the added value of continued practice exams.

Our Program:

Our success is defined by your success. We offer practice exams under realistic testing conditions every other weekend. You bring your own pencil and regulation calculator, we provide the exam, grading and personalized commentary. We provide all test materials as well as personalized feedback. Our price structure is transparent and entirely flexible based on your needs. 

Practice Exams– No pre-registration required. Limited to 20 participants at any given appointment. Open to all students aged 15 and over. Exam fee $20 per exam for graded results report. You are welcome to apply our new Punchcard system to these exams. Offered every 2nd and 4th Sunday from 10AM-1:45PM. Detailed exam reports returned no later than the following Saturday via Email.

Our courses are cost effective and include:

  • as many graded practice tests as you wish;
  • expert instructors;
  • careful essay evaluation with criteria grading;
  • prompt and detailed individual feedback 
  • regular progress reports with predictive analysis and pointed topical review recommendations

Our Recommendations

You may take the SAT exam as early and as frequently as you wish. However, we advocate a sounder strategy in suggesting that you do the practicing with us! Why? Taking the official SAT too early or too frequently might not be beneficial for your application. Remember, universities can review all of your official test attempts and resulting scores. In most cases, taking the official exam in the Winter/ Spring of Junior year is advisable. This will allow for a re-take if necessary. The SAT will be offered on August 25, October 6, November 3 and December 1 of this year and March 9, May 4 and June 1 of 2019. While scores can be sent directly, this process usually takes three weeks. You should schedule your exam to meet all application deadlines and still allow for one retake opportunity. College applications are typically due no later than January 1st of your Senior year. Just be cautious about scholarship deadlines and early application restrictions, as they may prevent you from waiting until Fall of Senior year for test assessment. The breadth of our question base and our detailed progress reports will give you an excellent indication of your exact review needs.