Manage and Store Your Documents Securely as Searchable Digital Images

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all of your paper files? What if you could make every single file immediately accessible and fully searchable? How would it feel to have all of your client data, invoices, expenditures, orders, and receipts organized and fully integrated within your CRM and Quickbooks? Boxes, cabinets, closets and stacks of paper mean business information that is not readily available to you. Paper records are an inconvenience at best, and a liability at worst! They can be lost to fire, flood, theft or misplacement. Paper filing is expensive and inefficient. Productivity, collaboration, and documentation are enhanced when your business data are secure, searchable and systematically organized. Many time-consuming daily office and accounting tasks become simple automatized processes, which dramatically improves your customer service and reduces administrative costs. It is time to digitize with CodeCraze!

Our clients are guaranteed that their important documents are safe and secure with CodeCraze. Our scanning facility is equipped with 24/7 video surveillance, and our specialists are bonded and bound by blanket non-disclosure agreements. If you have documents that are confidential or particularly sensitive, we also provide on-site document scanning services.

Why Scan?


Have your entire office backed-up and protected against ransomware, fire or theft. Improve document security for easier compliance and client confidence.


Search and find documents instantly, even in volumes of files from many decades. Enjoy being able to find specific documents and sections of documents for instant reference. Share documents securely and easily.


Save time and costs on accounting/ tax preparation by having all documents labelled, organized and instantly recorded.


Have a strategy and process in place to keep your office digitally organized going forward.


Eliminate manual tasks and file misplacement.


Eliminate bulky file cabinets or off-site storage fees.


Gain instant and automated insights from back file conversion.

The Process: 

  1. All of your documents to scan will be carefully boxed and indexed to replicate your physical file storage structure.
  1. We will transport all sealed and labelled boxes from your office and take them to our facility for conversion, or work with your staff to discretely scan on-site.
  1. Your documents will be carefully prepped for optimal scanning without damage to your originals. Books or bound materials are digitized while bound!
  1. Your documents are converted into PDF, JPG and TIFF with high resolution, optimized contrast, and removal of fingerprints, shadows and skew.
  1. We perform a detailed OCR (optical character recognition) to create fully searchable files. This will allow you to search for specific words, phrases or numbers even if the original was not digitally produced.
  1. All of your digital files are securely stored and backed-up before being returned to you. We do not keep any digital or physical copies of your records. Your originals are shredded or returned to your office.

Why choose CodeCraze for your digitization needs?

In contrast to many online providers, we are here to listen to your specific data structure and raw data handling needs. Our work is meticulous, and our prices are highly competitive! We are focussed on the practical needs of small business owners, who require reliable, discreet, secure and cost-effective office modernization. We are experts in creating searchable files with excellent OCR in efficient and secure data management systems. Our facility is centrally located in Batavia, IL., allowing for quick, personalized support for any of your data storage or digitization concerns. We can integrate your data directly into a personalized data management system, your CRM and Quickbooks! We ensure 100% satisfaction with on-going quality control and tech oversight. Our timeline is guaranteed. Your satisfaction is our priority.


Our prices for digital conversion are the best in the region and often more reasonable than online providers lost in the anonymity of the internet! Conversion prices will vary depending on the volume of the job and timeline of your conversion needs. Competitors usually charge by the inch or file box at rates that can exceed $0.10 per single-sided sheet. We provide duplex scanning, conversion of bound materials and carefully controlled OCR text conversion at lower rates! We will give you a comprehensive estimate and the personal, local attention that your records deserve. We provide your converted digital data on at least two physical media and are happy to discuss cloud based or secure in-house server solutions, depending on your corporate needs. Our primary concern is your confidence in our work and clear understanding of your new data management structure. All conversion processes include complete documentation and a personal presentation on how to maintain your data system going forward.