How It Works:

  1. Check our program below. Do you prefer a full week class or classes on individual days? Coding and Robotics must be taken as a full week class. Digital Fabrication/Electronics and Maker Corner can be taken as single day classes, but must be taken together to make a 2 hr bundle. The Bright Start To School Camp is only offered on July 31 – Aug 4 and Aug 7 – Aug 11, and only full week. For our prices, see here:
  2. Choose the week(s) that you want to register for.
  3. Go to and fill out the contact form, indicating the camp class(es) of your choice.
  4. We will get back to you immediately. If you decide to register your child for a camp, we’ll send you a registration form and an invoice that you can pay to conclude your registration.


July 3 – July 7

July 10 – July 14

July 17 – July 21

July 24 – July 28

July 31 – Aug 4

Aug 7 – Aug 11








Bright Start to School Camp:

— Launch into the new school year ready and engaged —

Additional Camp for July 31 – Aug 4 and Aug 7 – Aug 11:







Most class descriptions can be found here:

Coding: Depending on the previous experience and skill level of the students, they will receive individual instruction on one or two programming languages- block coding and/or Python. Again depending on their interests, these will be applied to Minecraft coding, and, if the student is advanced, a preview of Lua coding in Roblox.

Robotics: Depending on the previous experience and skill level of the students, we will be building and coding robots of different types- Vex IQ and/or Dash and Dot. We will introduce advanced students to Arduino robotics.

Digital Fabrication/Electronics: Students will learn 3D modeling and the operation of various machines like a 3D printer, CNC milling machine, Cricut, etc. They will be introduced to basic circuitry and fundamental concepts of electronics via hands-on projects.

Maker Corner: Students will work on various projects using our 16,000 piece maker-corner or other household objects to produce artifacts like hydraulic arms, motorized boats, alarm or sound systems, etc. They will take their projects home.