Our Spring Break workshops are up and ready for your reservation! Be sure to book online and reserve your spot now.

March 25- 

10-12:00PM Robot Tournament: Battle it out in three competitions: RoboSoccer, Botfight, and a Gather-and-Stack game with our robots. Some games will be driver-control games, others run by writing codes! (No prior coding knowledge required)

1-3:00 PM StarWars Spring: Try your hand at a light saber battle with Darth Vader in Augmented Reality. Then build a light saber or a moving space rover. Finally, explore modifying your own 2D galaxy shooter game. Fun that is out of this world!

March 26- 

10-12:00PM Minecraft Coding Challenge: Learn a few hacks to make your own worlds instantly, then use your Python skills to win a coding challenge. 

1-3:00 PM Laser Cut Airplanes: Design your own balsa wood airplane. Watch it be cut on our CO2 laser. Then carefully paint your model and bring it home to display.

March 27- 

10-12:00PM Drone Builders: Have you always wanted to design your own lightweight drone? Come build one and enjoy the flight! 

1-3:00 PM You Cookies: What happens when we combine a cute pic of you or your favorite pet, edible ink in a designated printer and delicious cookies. We have the frosting, come find out how great fun tastes!

March 28- 

10-12:00PM Light-up Legos: Learn the basics of circuitry. Build a Lego lighthouse with a doorbell, an airplane with tail lights or anything you desire. Take home a light for your home projects.

1-3:00 PM Chocolate Carving: When a CNC milling machine hits a bar of chocolate, magic happens! You will design and bring home your own edible carving!

March 29- 

10-12:00PM T-Shirt Design: Bring on the Spring Bling! Design and add sparkle to welcome Spring. Use the vinyl cutter and as many rhinestones as you desire!

1-3:00 PM LED Origami: Its time to make a breathtaking nightlight. Choose a beautiful Spring blossom, fold your design and illuminate with LED. Bring home a one of a kind masterpiece!

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