Saturday Morning Makers: 10:30AM – 1 PM. Come join us for some amazing build time in our creator corner. We have 11,000 components waiting for your design! Let’s make race cars out of mousetraps. What about a cardboard igloo? Or perhaps you are more interested in creating a crane that can scoop and pivot with a pneumatic pump and vinyl tubing. We have colored duct tape, pulleys, batteries, motors, battery holders, alligator clips and hundreds of build plans to get your creative juices flowing! You will be carefully supervised, while you build alone or in small groups. Come, stay as long as you wish, but reserve your spot ahead of time because we will only take 10 builders each week! Cost is $20 per visit. Call us now (630)-715-8649.

Sunday Hackers: 2-4:30 PM. Arduino Attack! Our Hackers want to learn how to build ‘real’ robots. These Hackers start with learn to code challenges to learn C++ in an applied setting. We bring out all of our circuit boards and sensors, and our builders learn to wire components, add motors, LEDs, and bluetooth receptors for remote control function. Our Hackers are an intense group of primarily middle schoolers. They are not afraid of learning about electronics and computer driven machines hands-on. Again, as a club, you are welcome to come a bit later and leave when needed. You will be carefully supervised and your projects will be kept in a special sealed box just for you until you are ready to continue during the next week. If desired, you are welcome to purchase your bot at component price when you finish. We will only accept 8 builders in this group. The cost is $20 per session. Call us now (630)-715-8649.

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