Punch Craze Pricing-

We have revamped our class pricing and scheduling model for this Fall. We will continue to honor any gift cards in circulation, but we decided that it was time to turn up the heat in our MakerSpace! We are introducing a universal pricing model that prices each class and every workshop at exactly $20. To make the deal even sweeter, we are introducing pre-paid punch cards that will ease your last minute planing. We offer 5 units of instruction for $95 or 10 for $180!

How will this work? Our courses in Scratch, Python, JavaScript and WordPress typically run for 10 hours of instruction. However, maybe your son or daughter would like to take an occasional workshop as well, or bring along a friend. Maybe you have several children, each pursuing their own mix of classes and workshops, and it is hard to predict who will register for which event. Or maybe your child wants to come in for an individual project on the 3D printer and big sister wants to take a Sunday SAT review test. Starting August 1st, we do family accounts with pre-paid punch cards. Reserve a spot last minute and invite along a friend. You will see the number of seats available and won’t have to worry about billing or payment. Just sign in when you arrive, and we will help you keep track of your current balance. The punchcards will be honored at all of our classes, workshops and seminars. Easy Punch Craze Pricing! Buy online, pick-up at your next visit.

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